The co-founders of LAWCLERK practiced together as partners at a regional firm with five offices across the West and D.C. for more than a decade.  In 2015, they believed they could build a better business model and ventured out to create a boutique firm with fewer conflicts, flexible fee structures, lower overhead and improved quality of life.  And while their new firm was a success beyond their most optimistic expectations, it was obvious that the model could be improved even more through the use of technology and modern hiring/staffing strategies.  LAWCLERK was born from that vision and the team's desire to build technology to have the best of both worlds - all the benefits of being a boutique firm, but with a pool of exceptionally talented lawyers to draw from.
"Our profession is full of the best and the brightest.  Lawyers simply need new tools and technology to effectuate the necessary changes that will benefit our firms, our lives and our clients.  LAWCLERK was built to be one of these tools". 

Greg GarmanCo-Founder

Talitha Gray KozlowskiCo-Founder

Kristin TylerCo-Founder

Ken WilesVP of Strategy and Corporate Development

Mike Graner
Marketing Director